As we move toward implementation, the importance of model fidelity and the management of continued fidelity is paramount. The links below are to fidelity scales for select EBPs.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is a multidisciplinary team treatment approach designed to provide community-based psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation to persons with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI). The ACT model is recognized as one of the premiere models in the treatment of SPMI. The fidelity scale for this model is provided at this link.

Motivational interviewing (MI) evolved from the experiences of providers that worked with persons suffering from alcohol dependence ( MI is a semi-directive, client-centered counseling style employed by practitioners seeking to elicit behavioral change by stimulating internal change in clients. Clients move from ambivalence about change to an active desire to change. This draft document provides the processes associated with assuring fidelity to the model.

Illness management and recovery is a collection of strategies designed to help persons with SPMI navigate treatment systems in a manner that addresses active symptomology and promotes the development of coping skills. Recovery occurs when people with mental illness are empowered by the knowledge that their recovery is in their hands.