Investing in What Works Forum

On June 10-11, 2013, the American Institutes of Research hosted the Investing in What Works Forum, which examined (1) return on investment; (2) strategies such as training and technical assistance to support the selection, implementation, and alignment of evidence-based practices; and (3) approaches to evaluate multiple evidence-based programs taking place in one setting.

Eight key themes emerged—capacity, the motivation of partners, funding, evaluating EBPs, aligning training and technical assistance work across grantees, opening venues for regular conversations, return on investment, and practice-based evidence. Videos of the presentations are available through the website. While all of the presentations appear useful, those of particular relevance to North Carolina include the following:

Gene Hall, Assessing Implementation of Multiple Evidence-Based Practices/Evidence-Informed Practices

Karen Blase, Implementation Science, Supports, and Strategies: What Works for What Works

Arthur Evans, Supporting Evidence-Based Practice in a Large Public System

Abe Wandersman, Willing, Able, Ready: Supporting Evidence-Based/Informed Interventions in Organizations with Different Levels of Readiness

Felipe Castro, Replicating Evidence-Based Programs: Fidelity and Adaptation

Abe Wandersman, Accountability and Going to Scale with Quality

Implementing Evidence-Based Programs

Funding agencies usually require the implementation of evidence-based practices or programs. FindYouthInfo identifies decision points and provides resources on their helpful website.  Users can learn how to select a program that meets their needs, how to implement the program with fidelity, and how to evaluate it.

Prevalence of Mental Health Disorders among Youth

FindYouthInfo offers useful infographics, including the one on the prevalence of mental health disorders among youth below. The materials are downloadable and include sources and other resources.

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