With support from the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in partnership with the National Alliance of Multi-ethnic Behavioral Health Associations (NAMBHA), the National Network to Eliminate Disparities (NNED) in Behavioral Health was established to address disparities in behavioral healthcare.  “The NNED works with network members to:

Coordinate the sharing of community-based knowledge and training of cultural, indigenous, and community-based best practices;

Foster new collaborative partnerships to grow and spread ‘pockets of excellence’;

Leverage resources through partnering and collaborative initiatives;

Research and design new practices and adapt existing practices; and

Collectively advance political will.”

Membership is free to agencies and organizations that address mental health and substance abuse disparities.

NNED offers opportunities to expand knowledge and leadership around evidence-supported and culturally appropriate clinical and consumer practices through the provision of discussion forums; forum calls or webinars; a platform to share innovative, culturally appropriate interventions through reports, programming, toolboxes, and other materials; communities of practice on specific evidence-based and promising practices; learning clusters; online resources; funding opportunities; and a calendar of events.  A sample of news coverage includes the following:

Series on Mental Health in Black Community Seeks to Remove Stigma • Apr 05, 2013

New Factsheet: HIV Among American Indians and Alaska Natives • Apr 04, 2013

Latino Youth Look to Help Address Complexity of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues • Apr 03, 2013

Increased Risk of Alcohol and Drug Use among Children from Deployed Military Families • Apr 02, 2013

Need for and Receipt of Substance Use Treatment among Blacks • Apr 01, 2013

School Health Centers Enhance Access to Mental Health Services for African-American & Hispanic Boys • Mar 31, 2013

Communities Using New Spin on Tradition to Help At-Risk Yup’ik Youth • Mar 29, 2013

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