NC Practice Improvement Collaborative Conference on Community Inclusion


On February 20, 2018, the NC Practice Improvement Collaborative hosted a conference, Community Inclusion for Persons with Serious Mental Illness in North Carolina.  During the conference, Dr. Mark Salzer, Temple University, provided an in-depth look at Community Inclusion.  Breakout groups looked at what community inclusion would entail for transition-age youth, peer support, employment, and recreation.  When attendees were asked to complete an evaluation of the conference, many identified the need for a follow-up training in which they would learn specific community inclusion strategies especially in the areas of peer support and employment.

The follow-up conference occurred three months later on May 23.  Dr. Salzer returned to Raleigh and was accompanied by his colleague, Richard Baron, who recently had released a toolkit, Jump-Starting Community Inclusion: A Toolkit for Promoting Participation in Community Life, on which the training was based.  Participants learned specific strategies for implementing community inclusion and were provided with the opportunity to meet in local teams and brainstorm ideas.  These teams drafted the beginning of a plan, which emphasized the inclusion of individuals with serious mental illness into the communities where they lived.  A copy of these plans are below, as well as other resources from the conference. The next step is for teams to continue meeting, furthering the development of their plan, identifying ways to sustain community inclusion strategies, and garnering the necessary support of community leaders, decision makers, and stakeholders.

Plans to Promote Community Inclusion

Photos from the conference:

Resources from the Conference: