The Need

To improve the lives of clients during the current era of system transformation, North Carolina must focus on the content and quality of services and supports that are offered. Growing evidence finds that even some of the most popular and well disseminated programs are not evidence based and in fact can be counterproductive (Goldman, et al., 2001). The provision of quality services and supports involve the adherence to proven models and fidelity to those specific programs.

To provide guidance in determining the future evidence based services and supports that will be provided through our public system, the Director of the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services has developed the North Carolina Practice Improvement Collaborative.

Who We Are

Comprised of representatives of all three disabilities, the NC PIC meets quarterly to review and discuss relevant programs. Annually, the group presents a report of prioritized program recommendations to the Division Director at a public forum. This forum, defined as the North Carolina Practice Improvement Congress, features brief educational descriptions of the practices being recommended by the NC PIC in its report.

Conducting the Evaluations

The work of the NC PIC is primarily achieved during quarterly subcommittee meetings. At each meeting, the members review and discuss applications that have been submitted for evaluation. Members will be looking to confirm the completeness of the evidence base. Most importantly, each participant brings a unique perspective to the analysis as they examine the issues that affect the readiness for adoption in our state.